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Deciding when to refinish your hardwood floors

A question we often get is whether or not hardwood floors need to be refinished. Usually a customer notices a lack of luster in their flooring or perhaps some scratches. The recommended time interval between refinishing hardwood flooring is 20 years, however this depends on the condition of the floor, traffic, hardwood species, and other considerations. Hardwood floors can be refinished 6-10 times over their lifetime.

Timely refinishing is important to help preserve the quality and visual appearance of your hardwood floors. Besides the obvious dull appearance to hardwood floors which have not been refinished, these floors are also prone to lasting damage such as water staining which is often irreparable.

hardwood flooring with water stain or water damage
Example of hardwood flooring with water stain

To test whether your hardwood floors are due to be refinished simply pour a teaspoonful of water over a high-traffic area in your home (e.g. entryway). If the water forms beads over the hardwood flooring then this is a sign that your finish coat is adequately thick. However if the water is absorbed into the floors then your finish coat is worn and your hardwoods are due to be refinished!

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